Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feel Like a Million?

It’s a 6-week program designed to help you feel your best and improve overall health. In this fun, interactive retro game show-themed program, you’ll learn health habits to reduce stress and sustain energy for work and play.

If you want the stamina to take on the tough challenges and still pursue other interests… if you’d like the balance in your life that minimizes stress and allows you to focus on your priorities… then Feel Like a Million is the program for you.

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How does it work?

Your goal is to accumulate a virtual $1 million in 6 weeks by practicing healthy habits — rituals — in 5 core areas:

  • Moving Matters
  • Food to Fuel
  • Better Balance
  • On Purpose
  • Potpourri — miscellaneous important actions.

Some activities, like exercise and eating vegetables, allow you to deposit $ every day, while writing your personal mission statement you do just once. Different activities are worth more or less $, based on their impact on increasing energy and decreasing stress.

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Who can participate?

All CSUN Faculty and Staff. Each category has 3 or more ways to earn $$; activities are worth different amounts based on their stress and energy impact. With multiple ways to work toward the goal, everyone can have success in Feel Like a Million.

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If I have a disability can I still participate in Feel Like a Million?

Yes; Feel Like a Million's self-paced, flexible design fits people of all abilities. If walking isn't possible, be as active as you can in whatever ways you enjoy. If you're unsure which activities are best, check with your healthcare provider. The National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability offers specific ideas.

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How does the team competition work?

All teams must be formed by Friday, October 18. The team competition will end on Sunday, November 24, so to have your activity count toward your team’s score, you must log by Monday, November 25.

In this friendly competition, teams challenge each other to see who can make more $. Although you can participate on your own, it may be the most fun part of this retro game. Scores are based on the team's average dollars. Since participants can earn $ in multiple ways, it's an advantage to recruit Club members who will strive for $ in all 5 categories for the best chance at achieving the highest dollar average.

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Am I supposed to do all the activities every day?

Not necessarily. There are more than a dozen ways in 5 categories to earn $$ each day. If you did them all you’d accumulate over $34,000 a day.

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How much $$ do I have to earn each day to achieve $1 million?

To reach the $1 million goal you’ll need to earn $24,000 a day if you record 7 days a week. If you record just 5 days a week, you can achieve the goal averaging $30,000 a day plus $200,000 for completing your personal mission statement.

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Why are some activities worth more than others?

Different habits are worth more or less virtual $$, depending on their impact on increasing energy and lowering stress. Some, like exercise and eating vegetables, allow you to deposit $$ every day, while writing your personal mission statement you do just once.

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Why don't I earn extra $$ for exercising for more than 30 minutes?

When it comes to exercise for overall health, more (to a point) is better — particularly if you’re trying to lose weight; the more you move the more calories you burn. But when your goal is more energy and less stress, 30 minutes a day will do the trick. So if it feels good, keep going, but your Feel Like a Million daily exercise earnings are the same for 30 minutes or more.

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Why are there maximums for certain activities?

Because more is not always better. When it comes to the activities that produce energy and reduce stress, the Feel Like a Million maximums meet the needs for most participants. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other activities you may want to increase or cut back on depending on your personal situation, so examine those things you know are energy boosters or depleters and adjust your routine accordingly.

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Can I earn extra $$ for volunteering more than once a week?

No. Research shows that people who volunteer as little as 2 hours a week experience less stress, fewer health risks, and more life satisfaction. A key factor, however, is that the activity be something you enjoy… for a cause close to your heart. That doesn’t mean you should limit the amount you volunteer. Your schedule as well as the satisfaction it produces will guide your efforts.

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Can I carry over activities from one day to the next?

No. Consistent healthy behaviors are essential to building and sustaining energy and reducing stress. Feel Like a Million scoring is designed to support long-term behavior change.

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I get tired of logging every day — is there an easier way?

Tracking your progress is one of the most reinforcing habits you can develop. But there will be days when you simply won’t want to do it. Feel Like a Million makes it easier by allowing you to just click on the rituals you’ve completed each day.

Once you’re confident which activities you’ll perform most days, you can move them to your A.D.D. (Automated Daily Deposit) log and record the day’s results in as few as 2 clicks.

If you’re serious about regaining the energy and vitality you want, without the stress, there’s really no better way to be accountable to yourself than taking a few minutes daily to record your progress. It’s the surest method to keep moving toward results.

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What if I don’t have access to my computer for a time — how do I record my progress?

There’s a Feel Like a Million paper log form you can print and carry with you for those days you’re not able to access the internet. See the link on the Record page.

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Will I lose $$ for bad health habits?

Feel Like a Million highlights some common energy drainers and stress producers. But it’s up to you to consider which habits might contribute to feeling less than your best. In almost all instances, if you’re achieving your daily Feel Like a Million Earn $$ goals, you’ll have reduced or eliminated the activities that cause stress or deplete energy. Go to the Rules screen and click on the Burn tab to learn more.

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How does the TIP$ game work?

The TIP$ game is a fun, easy way to pick up a little extra Feel Like a Million cash. Each daily tip is followed by a question related to the content — answer it correctly and you'll earn $100 and the chance to solve the TIP$ puzzle; get it wrong and you lose $100. Don't worry... the questions are easy and the answer is included in that day's tip.

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Am I done when I reach $1 million?

No. Keep tracking your progress through the end of the program to see how much $$ you can accumulate.

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Are there incentives to the program?

Yes, there will be incentives, however participation in the program is about health and health promotion. More info to follow.

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Can I earn more than $1 million?

Yes. If you complete all activities every day of the program, your total will easily surpass $1 million.

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What are “virtual dollars”?

Virtual dollars that are earned and burned in Feel Like a Million represent the value of an activity — not actual, legal tender. The higher the impact the activity has on increasing energy and reducing stress, the more “money” it’s worth.

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What if I have questions?

If you want to know about boosting energy or reducing stress, click on the PEP (Personal Energy Posts) to ask our expert, Dee Stress. She can’t answer every participant’s question, but she will address those likely to affect most participants. And even if you don’t have a question, check her posts often for the latest on how to Feel Like a Million.

If you have a question about how the website works, such as recording your progress, click the Contact Us link at the bottom of any screen and send your question to Amie Able or any of our other behind the scenes crew — and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

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